Surviving disappointment

This has to be one of the biggest tests that you can have in life. Because disappointment can be detrimental to someones character and life. I for one have experienced disappointment many times in life. But you know what I did not let it get the best of me.

You have to realize that it is only temporary and not forever. The best way to deal with it is to react properly to the situation. You could either crumble under the pressure or you get face it head on.

Another way to look at disappointments is they are a way for you to see what you are made of. Because many people talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. By that I mean people say many things but they crumble when it comes to a situation where they have to prove the validity of what they say.

Here are some tips that will help you survive disappointment

Stop and analyze your situation.
Ask yourself what did I do to get into this situation
Is this actually where I want to be
Realize that it is actually the beginning of something great to happen
If you think negatively you will attract those type of situations and etc
Make a plan to overcome what caused your disappointment
Learn that is just a part of life and it builds character

Be as quiet as a fish in the deep

Being a relaxed and calm person is very valuable. Because at times you will come across situations that are difficult. Other things are that or you may lack confidence. The mental game that we play day after day with ourselves and each other is not a joke.

We tend to kill the spirit that we have and at times the hope that we have. One major thing that meditation and yoga has taught me is to have more control over my mind. Everything more or less is to control our minds.

The advertisements, food,music, clothing more or less its a mental thing. This may sound stereotypical to say. But the perspective I am getting at is to have more control over your mind.

As bruce lee said be water. By that he means to be shapeless and formless. If you are formless you will be able to adjust to whatever comes your way. As well as you will be relaxed and have a more calm mind frame.