What is a weakness that you have and you are just avoiding it? Because it seems to difficult to tackle it head on. But if you stop being scared you will make a drastic change in your life. You could be doing things that you know are bad for you or you have projects that you’ve planned.

Don’t worry I have been in the same predicament. The reason is because at times we try to over shoot. By overshoot I mean we think that the more we accomplish the better and more rewarding it will be. When in actuality its not as great as it sounds. The only way such a thing can be is if you have set goals and focused energy.

I learned that focused energy with a definite plan is golden. For example if you are setting out to go on a trip you have gps. Therefore you know which turns to take and even have an estimate on how long it will take you to get there. The same thing can be applied to your life.

Focus on your weakness and diminish it. If you are terrible at attention to detail set up a bootcamp for yourself. By bootcamp I mean for you to set rules for you to follow in regards to diminishing your weakness.