Wasted Talent

If you have ever been told that you have a talent for something then why did you not pursue it. But a thing to remember about having talent is that it will fail you if you are not skilled.

Do your best to not waste your talent especially if its something that you enjoy doing. We are so inclined to do what people tell us to do and the advice is actually not healthy. Just think for a bit of those whom missed out on facebook because their parents told them to not get involved. If they would’ve just took a chance. I’m pretty sure they possessed the skills to be successful with many things.

I’m sure this is not something for everything to do. Some of you may say yes I have the talent but I have bills too pay. You may say I’ve failed so many times or there’s nothing out there for me. Believe me I was one of those people. Having that sort of mentality can burn you out and not make you want to continue improving your talent and skills.

So therefore do your best to keep focused and dedicated to improving your talent and skills. Its not supposed to easy buts its going to be worth it as long as you can hang in there.

Don’t forget

The worst thing in the world is wasted talent.