The legalities of image use while blogging

So the other day (yesterday to be exact) I received an email from none other than getty images. The email states

Dear Josten Dooley ,

It has come to our attention the following image(s) represented by Getty Images are being used or have been used online to promote your company.   

There is more but that is just a snippet from it. But I want you to know if you are a designer or whomever make sure you are careful. Because I for one thought that something like this was rare to happen. Because I thought oh I found this image I’ll use it and link to the person whom owns the photo. Well that does not work if you think it will.

The main thing to remember is that there are ton’s of royalty free images that you can find on various sites. From now I will definitely be using my own and royalty free images. I’m still in shock of such a thing happening with my blog. So take this as a lesson from me and make sure you do not do the same.