Stretch your mind


This has been a thing that I work on continuously. Stretching your mind to the limit requires quite a lot of getting out of your shell. By that I mean it requires you to develop your own system of thinking. This means the things you learned as a child develop what your own thought patterns.

Stretching your mind is possible if you believe it is. Everyday you should be learning. By learning I don’t necessarily mean learn by reading a book. Because reading a book you will only get a certain amount of knowledge and a certain type. Fore example if you read garbage then what you expect your mentality to be like.

Take this for instance if you learn something new everyday that you did not before how much knowledge do you think you’d have then? You can do this immediately and I am not kidding. But you cannot get caught in the clouds by people lying to you. Do your best to not let that happen.

There’s tons of people who just do what they can to get by. Those are the people whom don’t set goals, just do what the job requires and they don’t really feel as if they don’t deserve more. You could be currently without clients and feel like you are never going to get any and or that you have to sell yourself short. Stop right there you are valuable. Your skills are valuable. But be honest with yourself about your worth. Don’t try to be a CEO and your really just a manager.

Keep learning and never settle with what you are just told to believe. Seek the truth and knowledge. Because at this moment you are not complete with anything. There is always room to learn, improve and achieve more. The last thing I’m going to ask you are you going to stretch your mind?