Jobs don’t have futures people do

We get so caught up in our job and then we tend to believe that it will lead us to our future. When actuality that is the not the truth. We think time and time again our job is our future. Well more or less that used to be the case with a lot of people.

But now times are different we as a world are smarter and have more access to each other than before. You create your future whether you believe it or not. Of course society tends to put upon us to do the norm which is go to school and then college, get into debt with student loans find a job and pay them back (hopefully) and well you know the rest.

Do your best to follow your heart and not let others silence you and crush your dreams. Whether you believe it or not you are capable as much as you believe you are. When you feel like giving up keep your believe in yourself to do whatever it takes to get to where you can see yourself.

Remember you get what you expect out of your life and what you deserve