Focus on creating your own visual style


When you stop focusing on copying a style you seen from someone you will develop your own. Also when you develop your own people will be able to say oh I know that is from so and so. There are other people whom you will not know because they hid it so well. So being versatile is pretty good. Because if you designed everything that looked the same then your work would be just filled with the same thing just different colors and fonts.

Just think for a second of two people who have a piece of sheet of plywood. One will walk on it and the other may prop it up against someone and walk up it or cut it in half and make it as a ramp. The point I am trying to get across is that you have the same tools as anyone else. The real thing is what you do with them.

It is a very rare thing that we come up with the same style. Even though a lot of things are just remixes. Do not let that discourage you at all. Keep moving forward and developing your visual style. Change your setting and approach to see what could happen differently than before.


Have a great weekend everyone