Why you’ll never hit the Jackpot


This quote is one I heard recently from Toben Wigwe. The quote immediately hit me right in the heart. Because I was just thinking to myself how very honest this is. Many of us try to get somewhere with wanting to invest in learning, hustling, grinding to get there.

Because you will not get anything without working for it. Well if you do get it without working for it sooner or later it will go away. The reason is because you have not developed the skills to maintain that which you have. A great example is the whole stipulation of redistributing wealth.

Redistributing wealth will not work and that is because a vast amount of people lack the financial knowledge to maintain that certain kind of wealth. I’m more so reflecting upon the whole process of learning about more than just the surface. Don’t think automatically you’ll be one of the best or it will happen over night. Because when it does happen people will think it was an overnight success when you and me both know we have been working day after day to get where we are.