How to deal with emails properly as a designer

Dealing with emails can be a pain in the ass at times. The reason being is because they can tend to pile up and we will forget about them. I for one only check my email once in the more and once in the afternoon. Recently I had to restrain myself from checking emails when I was out eating with family.

But let me stay on topic with this post. There are various types of emails that you will get. Of course you’ll get the ones you’d signed up for. Then you’ll get those from various people who are in your industry that happen to come across your site. At times you’ll get those who think you don’t know much.

When really they are just trying so hard to sell you something. You and me both know that’s not the right way to do business or gain interest. More or less it makes it seem invasive and as if they don’t really care much about you. By them pretending to be bigger than they are displaces credibility. Never will I ever act as if I am greater than I am currently.

So here are the tips to deal with emails properly

  1. Do not waste time with worthless emails
  2. Decide whether or not its worth replying to
  3. If you are suspicious google the persons name
  4. Only check your emails twice a day unless you constantly need to (your emails are not going to magically dissappear)
  5. Unsubscribe from the crap you no longer care to read
  6. Beware of those who try to sell you a product that are in your industry and they talk a good talk but it does not add up.