Be Proud of who you are


If you are not proud of who you are I want to ask you why not? Whether you’ve graduated from college and you have not been able to land a job in the field you studied don’t worry. You should be proud that you have even made it this far. Just think of the people whom you studied with in school that just gave up.

This is part of the process of this thing called life. If you have graduated from design school or wherever you have to stay committed. Do your best to not be afraid of trying new things. Trying out things that they did not teach you in school matters. Just think what they taught you in school is from a book and your sheltered.

A great example is a mother who never really lets her children experience how it is hanging out with friends and other things. You will fail and fail some more. I have been failing and I know that it is something I cannot avoid. But what I can do is take notes whether writing them down or mentally and learn from it.

One major thing that shocked me was when I learned that right now may not be your time. Because you may want to be the best and change the industry you have the utmost passion for. Until the time comes make sure you are working on yourself and your skills. Because if you are working on yourself and improving your skills the time is going to come.


Have a great weekend.