You have the Skills


Whether you believe it or not you do have the skills to pay the bills. Because overtime our belief can be tested and diminished from various sources. The sources can be family members, friends, and society in general. But with them doubting your and trying to tell you what you should do; follow your own path.

The skills that you have are valuable. Because you can learn how to improve them and learn new ones. Then finding an opportunity for yourself to use your skills are easy. Just think of the things that you complain about. Using your skills to find an opportunity in complaining is possible.

A majority of believing in your skills depends on if you believe and have the faith. Having belief in your skills makes the difference. Also having faith in them as well. Because you can continue improving them but if you don’t believe then you won’t have faith in them.

For example just think of an athlete who trains everyday. Over time the athlete starts to believe he is making progress. But when it comes to the day for competing he does not have the faith that his training will help him win. The same example can be used for many other examples.

If you currently do not have any skills it is not to late to start learning.