Knowing your work is not good enough



This is a realization that I came to the other day. Because over time while we post our work on our portfolio site it becomes boring. In other words we realize that its not good as we think it is. For example you have to pay attention to what people are saying.

If people are not saying anything that tells you a lot. The life of a project after getting posted can die a slow death. As humans we like to see knew and exciting stuff. If I did not update my blog 5 days a week you would go find another blog to read that constantly has new articles.

This is pertaining a realization that I need to update my portfolio section more. Really this is all in being honest with yourself. If you are like me and you’ve developed a better taste for design, then you expect more from yourself. So therefore the only way to get better quality of work is to make time to get better.

While you get off from your day Job whether you work as a designer full time or a day job like I do and design after your day Job get to work. You have to dig deep down to have energy to want to make that transition. Another thing I feel we experience knowing our work is not good by getting comfortable. One simple way to put it is being lazy.

But wait there’s one main point that I want you to remember is that:

Look at your current design work and then your previous work.  Are there things you see immediately that you did wrong? Now go look at your current work are there things you see you did wrong?

Those few questions will help you realize whether you’ve improved your work and also your vision of a completed piece and how its supposed to look.