Never Fall in love with an Idea

When you have an idea that you feel is amazing and going to change the world we fall in love with the idea. Then we tend to think that maybe that we will not have another one like that. But feeling as if we will run out of ideas is absurd. Everyday we are using ideas that we have thought of. Also we are using creative ways to solve problems that we have whether its the way we walk up the stairs or the way that we avoid straining our muscles lifting weights.

Coming up with ideas for creative projects can be exhausting and make you feel as if you will not be able to find one as good as before. You first have to learn to trust yourself. But before trusting yourself you have to believe in yourself. I feel personally that is one thing that creative people struggle with. Because we are putting ourselves out there whether its through music, art and etc.

When you learn to stop holding onto ideas you will become free from the limitation you’ve set. Then after you’ve decided to free yourself from limiting beliefs enjoy the process. You can even start writing down your ideas when they come to you. I personally carry a pocket sized notebook. Also a pen to go with it, so whenever I have a chance I would be able to write down ideas and etc. There is ton’s of apps for taking notes but there is nothing like pen to paper.

Remember you only run out of ideas when you believe that you will.