How to avoid being bored as a Designer

Boredom is a very hard thing for some to deal with. Doing a task over and over again seems as if we are on a treadmill. When you have the mentality of running in place not making progress it will become like weeds to a garden. You have to believe that you are making progress.

One thing is to keep track of your progress. Then you have to realize that the designers you look up to they have been doing things over and over. The same for Kobe Bryant being able to shoot a basketball so well. He has practiced daily and for hours.

This can be said for many successful and well known people. If you remember when you first started designing how the quality of your work is not as good as it is now. Because you applied yourself and kept going. If you are just starting out keep fighting through the stage of not producing good work.

Fighting through the boredom is very simple to do. There are many ways that I use to avoid getting bored with anything that I am interested in. You may be a web designer and you are getting bored with it. You may be a graphic designer and you are bored with graphic design.

Here are some ways that you can avoid getting bored while being a designer.

  1. How are you different know in your field compared to now?
  2. What can you do differently to rekindle the flame?
  3. Find a creative hobby that you are interested in and go do it
  4. Watch documentaries on your profession
  5. Learn the history of your profession. This is very recommended because you are able to learn from how others thought and created the industry in which you work.
  6. Remember to have fun
  7. Practice and do it regardless if you feel like it.
  8. Stop living based on your feelings