Learning what not to do from crappy design

Whenever I feel as if I am not progressing like I would I go look at crappy design. You can see plenty of bad design in a subreddit called crappy design. There are many times when I get so frustrated looking at the subreddit. Because if you see any of the work that is posted it will blow your mind how such a thing is out there in the world.

Then you will learn how many people think they will save money by doing it themselves. Not saying its impossible for a business owner to design something themselves. But the main thing is that the quality and skills would be very miniscule. For example you would not try to perform a heart transplant without having the knowledge and skills and or try to build a house without knowing how to lay a foundation, how to read a ruler and etc.

Another good thing about looking at crappy design is learning what not to do. For example if you see a design that is poorly designed you would say to yourself they must have done this in a couple of minutes. Also you may say to yourself I could’ve done this better. Then looking at bad design will allow you to develop a better taste of design.

Developing a better taste is what will help you develop better quality. Style is what the result of having a better taste in design. Just take a look at design agency/studio that has a beautifully designed website that will result in them having a good taste of how their office looks and flow into other parts of their workplace.