Don’t be afraid of rejection

You may be wondering ok what is the point of the picture. We’ll this was some concepts for a client that was rejected. I felt as if why would they reject this. Just look at how beautiful the New York is and how the flourishes are. Yes I know it looks a bit rough saying to myself

Getting rejected can be utmost pain to have happen to someone. Do not look at rejection as a bad thing.  I learned quickly to not get offended. Because if you get offended as a graphic design professional that shows how unprofessional you are.

When in the situation ask what it is that you could’ve done better/different to meet the expectations of the project. All of designing is a learning experience to constantly improve and get better. Making mistakes and getting rejected is the only way you’ll get somewhere.

But don’t be a fool to keep working for a client who rejects your work and is in control of the process. What I mean is they should be letting you do your part. You’ll save yourself a headache, energy and time wasted dealing with worthless and unappreciative people. Remember that if you are not failing your not getting anywhere.