How to use social networks as a Designer


When someone who is a designer thinks about using social networks I wouldn’t doubt they do not think of promoting themselves. The mentality is more so to have a conversation. Really not seeing the value behind a network if you use it correctly can easily be forgotten. Also wasting time is such an easy thing to do.

You want to remember that connecting and chatting with people is very important. The main thing to remember is whom you are chatting with. Because you want to surround yourself with like minded people.

Tips to use social networks as a designer

  1. Have a goal with what you want to give to the network
  2. Stop wasting time looking at your twitter feed, Facebook timeline and other sites.
  3. Follow and connect with other people you admire and want to get to know
  4. Remember they are following your for a reason
  5. Provide value
  6. Reply to all messages, tweets and etc (unless its spam and negative)
  7. Have fun
  8. Do not connect with someone who you would not speak to in real life

What tips do you use for your social networks?