My Design Process

When I start any project my first thing I do is to not go straight to the computer. Because it is so easy to get comfortable with relying on the computer thinking that you will be more creative there. Maybe you even feel as if you will be able to finish faster. But you cannot rush creativity or you may be able to do so. Let me get back to the the topic of my design process

The design brief/goals

What is the end goal of the project. Also what is the project for and what industry is it for. Also asking questions that will help me learn what the goals will be. Knowing what to do and avoid helps with the project at hand. If there are any questions that I do not ask at the moment I will always ask later on the in project.


Doing research on the project of the industry is critical. I do whatever it takes to get vital information in regards to the industry I am designing for. Then I will find out what is going on at the moment and then find out what has happened in the industry previously.


I choose a word from the industry and use words from that to continue finding something that is similar throughout each web. Doing this helps with finding a direction to go in with the design.


Sketching concepts in every type of way helps me get out the ideas that are coming to me. Because this helps with moving towards a concept that is best suited and has the most strength visually.

Type and color Studies

I will choose various types of fonts and continually decide which ones work best together. Then chose a variety of colors that are best representative of the goals for the project. After choosing colors and fonts to use I will decide which font and color or colors are best.

Digital Roughs

I put together a digital version of the project seeing how it will look before completion. This process shows a vital part of the project completion and also can vary from project to project. Because not every project will require


After deciding on which rough to move I will begin revising. Making sure each aspect of the design is cohesive. Doing the best to not miss any detail of the design. This can range from kerning, spacing, height and etc.


Preparing files for completion and saving them in RGB 72 DPI PDF,JPEG and etc (Web) and CMYK 300DPI press quality PDF  (Print)

This is an overview of my design process that I use for projects. I use this as a vital part in completing my projects to the best of my ability that I can. If the project does not require certain steps in this process I will more or less use these steps.