Promises Network

Promises Network is an organization that is for the support of the legalization of Gay Marriage. Throughout the project the goal was to not have overall completed design significantly for the Gay community.

1. Sketches

After doing a good amount of research I began sketching out ideas to capture the overall idea for the branding that would not just be strictly for the gay community. I first came across the idea for using a pink triangle in the design. But after learning more about the history and felt as if its history was not very positive.

Narrowing it down

After deciding the use of symbolism would be very powerful and the best idea to continue forward with. Because the symbol I use has a wide range of meanings and also the history behind it is more positive then the pink triangle. Deciding upon the placement of the symbol with the typography was very important. Because I wanted to create a cohesiveness in the remembrance of the symbol with the typography.

After deciding upon which logo is the strongest structure wise to move forward with. Also creating a Facebook cover photo,Google Plus cover photo and other social media profile branding.

You can see more of my Portfolio here