Business Card Etiquette for Designers

This may be a problem that you are having with when to give your business card to a potential friend,client whomever. The thing you want to remember from the beginning is not to force them to take your card. Honestly who wants to give someone a card that is utterly cheap quality and as if they went to FedEx office and paid very little for them. Which will in turn lead them to throwing your card away or who knows what they’ll do with it.

You want to really ask the person about themselves and what it is they do. Then when the conversation is going smoothly you let them know about your profession. If they do ask then that is even better and if they do not ask let them know what it is that you do. Because its so easy for us designers to not let people know about ourselves.

After you have been talking with someone about your professions and or whatever your talking about ask them if they have a business card. If they do not ask for yours say this “I have a business card as well if it is ok to give to you”. Because you do not want to force anyone to take your business card. Always asking to make sure it is ok helps reinforce that you care about them.

Some tips to remember

  • Be interested in what they do
  • Always keep at least 5 business cards with you
  • Do not force someone to take your business card
  • Have a good quality business card
  • Let your business card show who you are (meaning in terms of design/etc)
  • Actually follow up with them and keep in contact
  • The more business cards you give out the more your wasting them (Be strategic)
  • Focus on building relationships
  • Do not be afraid to change your business card design

These are simple tips that I have been using after learning over time. Which has been a been a great help and continues to be. Business cards are not dead and if you are a designer without a business card I for one applaud you for doing so.

What are some business card ethics that you follow?