How to make typography

typography steel 2

Developing typography is really pretty simple. The difficult part is the details of the letters and many other things. Depending upon what you plan to do with the typography will determine the type design. Then you will want to figure out what is the most important part of your typography.

For one you want to determine what type of typography you were going to be making. The different types are hand drawn typography and digital type to keep it simple. Which honestly hand drawn typography which is normally what the digital typography comes from. Which will depend upon whether or not its going to be used as a font.

The steps to take to make typography

  1. Determine what the font will be used for
  2. Determine whether or not this will be a hand drawn quote or font
  3. Fix the details
  4. Fix the details some more
  5. Fix the details even more
  6. Digitize (scan onto your computer) or outline with microns or fineliners to give it a finished look
  7. Clean up everything and smooth out your typography
  8. Go back over each little detail
  9. Finish

Making typography is such a fun and relaxing thing. But you may or not understand the amount of detail that is involved with creating a font. Also hand lettering can be such a time consuming task. Which will utterly depend on you if you are wanting to make it look beautiful or just to finish it. So go and have fun with typography.