Lil Kim Steals Art work and Gives No Credit

So I came across a reddit thread about none other then little kim stealing someones art work and giving no credit for it. Someone like little Kim you would expect her to do the right thing being an artist. Because if someone got caught downloading her music they would be sued like no other.

I can only imagine how much more things like this happen to many artists across the world. The girl that produced this work her name is Samantha Ravndahl of Batalashbeauty. Her instagram is here and little kims is here and I wish the best for samantha in this case. The art is supposedly for a mixtape and that absolutely makes no difference. The artist should be paid.

So for example lets take this into consideration on how many people will listen to Kims song, People who know of Lil Kim, How many people follow her on twitter over 1 million people do. This utterly disgusts me that a musician would do such a thing and here’s a link to the full thread on reddit.

So remember this even if someone steals your artwork and gives you no credit people will eventually find out about it. Because now more people are going to know about Samantha Ravndahl and what she does. I am very interested in how this turns out in the coming weeks.

One thing I forgot to mention

Lil Kim took the photo and put her watermark over it which you can see on her instagram.

What are your thoughts about Lil kim doing such a thing?