Doing Whatever It Takes


You may have been going through some hard times or dealing with someone who does not believe in your dreams. Whether it can be in designing or something you want to do. Well you have to make a pledge to yourself that you are going to do whatever it takes. Which means you have to do this daily.

There’s no time for playing (unless its to celebrate an achievement). I for one have started waking up at 4 a.m-4:30 am for the past couple of days to get more out of the day. When you wake up early the quietness is at first a different feeling. Then you can’t just wake up early and not have a plan for the day. Because its so easy to just wake up early for the hell of it.

After you start waking up early plan your day. Meaning you can either right a schedule or things to do for the day. Then after you finish them you can take a nap. I work a part time day Job and design at night or before going in so there is no excuse for someone else not being able to do the same. Making the transition from wage slave to working in a profession that I went to school depends really on me and my dedication.

So to bring this post to an end believe in yourself and do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams (nothing illegal). Because as we all know trying to cheat or take a shortcut will not really last for a long time or have the longevity as if you took the honest path.