My Review of Codeacademy So far


Ihave been doing a class on so about a month or so. The reason why I decided to start learning coding is that I want to be more then just a graphic designer. If you are not taking advantage of many of the free products to learn I do not understand why not. The lessons are very helpful and easy.

Before starting Code Academy I had done a course that I found on youtube on how to code and etc. But over time I did not use what I learned. So eventually I ended up forgetting a majority of everything. Code Academy helps you to learn by actually doing projects.

When you are doing a lesson you code from scratch and you are able to see the effects. Seeing what you are learning being put in use is remarkable. One thing that I do is to do at least one lesson daily from Codeacademy. You have to remember that if you are learning something knew you are not going to retain learning so much in one day.

The Course that I am doing is web fundamentals. After I finish that one I plan to move onto another and continue learning. Whether you are a graphic designer, fashion designer or whatever nowadays knowing just one skill will not be as valuable as it once was before.

Continue learning and definitely check out if you get the chance and want to learn how to code.