Patience and Persistence


At times it can feel as if what we are doing is not going to work out at all. As if things are not happening as fast as they should be. But I want to tell you to keep hustling and being patient. With being patient I am not saying to sit and wait for something to happen.

More so get off your ass and get out there and hustle to make it happen. Because everything that you have whether its with your design work or contacts its from what you have done to meet those people and etc. If it was easy everybody would do it and succeed in it. Being a designer is way different then working as a Store manager. Simply they require different skills set and many other things.

I learned that the process from going to average to great is applied daily along with patience. You could also set weekly goals to help you achieve what you desire. Whether its goals, design clients or whatever else give that simple task a try for 30 days and see how you grow as a person.

Then apply that with patience and persistence of dedicating yourself to hustling and designing daily. Remember that not every day of designing is going to be fun, But there’s nothing saying that you are not allowed to make it wonderful.