To Go to Art School Or Not?

I used to have the mentality that going to art school was a waste of time. When actually depending on your level of skill already it may not be. The reason that I chose to go back and finish is because of what I learned from Robert Greene’s Book called Mastery.

Then you have to think about how quickly you will learn on your own compared to learning in a classroom. I’m not saying learning on your own is bad. Because I am constantly teaching myself things and learning on my own. For example being self taught in learning spanish and learning from doing so many design tutorials.

You can learn the technical side of how the programs work in school. I remember when I first started my journey into design I was more of a technical type of designer knowing how to use the programs swiftly. Then after I was told the programs will not help you design better.

I will leave you with this quote from John Cleese

Teaching creativity easy being creative is whats hard.

Learn from those who have came before you and how they developed their skills and etc.