How I graduated from college after failing the first time

Many people could not even think of getting a college education or that could just be me. I had chosen that I wanted to go to art school and get an associates degree in graphic design. Then first time around I had got to the end and I ended up getting burnt out.

What caused me to get burned out was I had tried to do too many things without focusing on whats most important. I’ll admit that I was not as confident as a designer as I am now. The class that I had failed was portfolio class by a letter grade. I am glad that I did not pass the class.

Because the time that I took off to immerse myself every single day in design doing tutorials, learning about design, learning about other types of design, looking at the world around me in every detail changed my mindset and approach to design. When you get out of your comfort zone you will do more then you thought you could.

A person that really help me to stop playing with college and thinking of it as a game is Eric Thomas. He’s one of the many people that inspired me to set goals and to not give up. I used to think that I would just get a job and live a regular life but I realized that I’m capable of more then that and so are you. It all depends on what type of life you want to live and if you believe you can do it.

Some tips to graduate college and stay focused

  1. Realize why you are there
  2. College is not a game
  3. You are going to have loans to pay back
  4. You are setting an example for others in your family to follow
  5. Stop hanging around your loser friends and get new ones
  6. Cut out things you were doing before you got to college
  7. Focus on what is important
  8. Quit making excuses
  9. Partying? graduating college is more important and there will always be parties going on



  1. It’s a wonderful post, Josten. A thoughtful reminder that college is more than a way to get from point A to point B, and just focusing on future career. Take what you learn, but finish and get that degree. Good luck! It’s not meant to be easy.

    1. Thanks I most definitely will. The Journey has been such a wonderful experience and has continued to teach me so much about myself. Thanks for stopping by

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