Designers Critiquing Other Designers

In the design community you have many people who want to help each other out. Some of those people are more honest then others and some are helpful and others are not. One thing that I always check for if the person actually has work equivalent or better then yours.

A lot of it has to do with a person ego that they have built for them self. When you are critiquing a designers work you should always make sure to give them helpful advice on not just what they did wrong but also what they did right.

How to give a proper design critique

  1. If you are critiquing work get off your pedestal
  2. You are not that good because someone else is better
  3. Be positive about it
  4. Give helpful advice
  5. Let the person know what you actually like
  6. Remember your work was not good as good at some point in your career
  7. Leave your Emotions at home
  8. Taking things personal does not help
  9. You can explain why you designed the way you did but if they don’t get it explaining will not help

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