How Avoid a Creative Burnout

After working on various projects over a period of time it can be easy to get burned out from designing. I from time to time feel as if I’m drained creatively. Another thing that can happen is to not be motivated at all about a project and feel as if I’m just doing it for the hell of it. So here are some tips to help avoid a creative burnout

1. Choose projects that you would be motivated and enjoy doing. If your not in a position to do that just yet do whatever project that you have to and do your best. Also look at what you can learn from the project.

2. Stay positive

3. The more work you do the better you will get

4. Experiment with a different medium

5. Go outside for a walk and clear your head

6. Keep your eyes open to everything around you

7. Pay attention to what is happening outside of your community

8. Learn a new skill

9. Develop a taste for good design

10. Believe in the work that you are doing and that you will get better

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  1. Very good and insprational words.
    Thx for the article.
    I am myself doing an apprenticeship in designing media and objects.
    Henrik from Germany

      1. I’m doing it for 2 years and then I will study some kind of design. Don’t know exactly what but I want to create stories, characters and ideas.

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