Why No one is reading your signage



These are two pictures of horrible signage I found around town. If you look at the first one the overall concept does not seem as if it was clearly thought out. Also the Blue background drowns out the name. Just think of how fast some people drive nowadays and the short amount of time you have to actually read a name. Mostly I feel they over did it with the butterflies on the signage.

The second sign is just utterly horrible. I believe its for an insurance company but don’t quote me on that. First lets start with the typography whatever they are trying to do is way too much. Plus the gradient in the background makes the type more illegible then it already is. The font looks like something you’d find on dafont.com. But these two pictures are just prime examples of how important signage is.

Some tips for good signage

1. Make sure you have clean and legible typography

2. The message has to be short and to the point just like a billboard

3. Have the sign where it will be seen

4.  Choose colors that will be noticeable




    1. I agree with you about that. Because either someone got paid a hefty amount of money for a terrible design without taking into any consideration about how the outcome will be that reminds me of the talk aaron draplin said about signage.

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