Writing Calligraphy Calligrams are so much fun after watching this video I have decided to focus on them a bit more. Because I honestly love the way they look. Another thing is how expressive they can look.


How to deal with a logo rejection professionally

Whenever you are working on a logo design for a client you have to be prepared for them to either accept it or reject it. But the main thing is to do your best and go above and beyond. Even though you may want to just do it last minute and half ass the work don’t.

You have to think that this work I am doing is going to be saw by many different types of people. You also want to think of many different factors of the overall use of the logo. If you are creating logos for a client and not thinking of the various ways it will be used then you should start.

Because this is the first thing you should be thinking about before you even have the first call/conversation with the client. Remember that you can create the most detailed logo in the world and it will get rejected. Also it may be beautiful to you but it just does not meet the clients requirements.

Knowing that we put so much time and energy into our work and then to have it rejected can make us upset. So what if it makes you upset you should realize that being professional is what is most important. Also its part of the client service business industry.

The steps to handling a logo rejection properly starts with

  1.  Do no get offended by that the client says when they reject your logo.
  2. Take time and reflect to learn what you could do better next time
  3. go back over your sketches and see where you could’ve improved
  4. Ask yourself did you show a visual representation of the logo in use? (this is something I am going to start doing. I did not to do it and realized that was such a stupid thing to do.
  5. Ask the client what could we do to make this work? ( Only do this if the situation permits)
  6. Move and continue working and improving your designs

Rejections should not determine how our work is going to turn out with future clients. So do not let the emotions of rejection make you out of character and be unprofessional.

Why your ego is the ugliest part of you

When you meet someone that has such a huge ego it is a way to learn about them. What I mean by learning about the person is what they think of themselves. I for one learned that there is no need to have such a huge ego. Because I know that everyone is capable of having the same opportunities as me.

The opportunities are endless even when there seems to not be any available. But let me stay on topic about people having huge ego’s. In every profession you are guaranteed to come across a coworker, friend or etc with a huge ego. The immediate vibe I get from the person who has a huge ego is they feel as if they are above me.

Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with being confident in your journey to where ever it may be. You should not be thinking of people being beneath you. Think differently such as those who are not up here with me succeeding they just need to work harder or want to succeed as bad as I wanted to.

Because to be successful you most likely will not get anyone to take time to lend a hand to someone who has a huge ego. Then over time  you will either be honest with yourself and realize that your ego is the ugliest part of you. So do yourself a favor and not have such a huge ego. If you do have a huge ego learn why you have such a huge ego and also think am I treating those around me with love?

Remember ego’s do not help one to succeed nor do they pay bills.

You are never too busy

There comes a time in our life that we use the excuse of not having enough time. I recently learned to use my time even more efficiently. One of the ways is by whenever I am watching a video or etc I sketch.

Just think of the time that you spend watching something and you are just sitting there doing nothing to help benefit you. I am not saying you have to do any of this. What I am saying is you have time. The main thing is you have to determine how you want to use the time.

The simple things that we can do to improve our skills is easy. But the most important thing is that its also easy not to do. I just recently started focusing more on sketching whenever I get the chance. I had to be honest with myself that I was lacking in the aspect of sketching and or I was tired of my working looking all the same.

Be honest with your skills and where you are currently. Remember that the people who are who you aspire to be constantly work on their craft and skills. Time and consistent practice is what matters. If you are talented you will fail if you are not skilled.

How to critique calligraphy work pt 2

Here is part two of the two part series I created on how to critique calligraphy work. This a way that I go about critiquing the calligraphy work that I do. The process of learning how to see the fine details and why something is working vs not working takes time to develop such a skill.