Real Love for Your Craft

When you have real love for your craft it shows. You are able to continuously produce and you do not get tired of it. Because it will become more of who you are. When I first started writing calligraphy and designing it took awhile before it became a part of me fully. There are so many different aspects of it that I can go into detail about.

The opposite of having real love about something is knowing when you have lost the love for it. There is nothing that you should do to keep others happy. If you are not happy it is ok to move on to something else. The main thing is to not allow this to become a habit. Once you start something finish it.

Learning the mentality that you have developed when you have real love something is great. The love you are able to develop for a skill and etc is a wonderful feeling. Going all in on what you are loving is not describable at all. I mean it may be (at the time of writing Im not able to find the right words).

The phrase all money in is one that I learned from Nipsey hussle. To me it represents having Real love for something and not being afraid to go all in on yourself.

It can be done you just have to believe and not let fear hold you back.