Staying Determined

Whatever you decide to do you have to stay determined. Determined that it will all work out in your favor. Determined that you will not give up and give it your all. Consistently failing and not having things work out in my favor helps me stay determined. From applying to jobs and not getting any calls back and going to interviews not moving on.

But I do not let the little setbacks hold me back. Neither should you let them hold you back and discourage you. I love the journey of getting to a place where you are achieving your set goals. The people who do not let you learn from your failures are not helping you.

The reason I say that the more you fail the more determined you become. Well for me that is how I have been able to develop the mental fortitude to withstand many things. Skateboarding provided me with the process of falling down and getting back up to accomplish my goal of landing the trick.

Being determined is good and can cause you to forget about yourself. By forgetting about yourself and taking care of yourself can do more harm than good. The harm of eating like crap (which is something I fall victim to) can show us how out of control we can get.

Staying determined while at the same time having discipline to take care of yourself. Getting lost in the process is so easy to do and having your focus become tunnel vision. I learned how scary tunnel vision is when we moved from NC to down here to South Florida. Because when I was driving I go tunnel vision and was slowly drifting off the road.

Lets get back on topic do your best to stay determined that what you are wanting to do you will keep going. You will keep at it until it works and also realize when the time to just stop makes sense. There comes a time when you will get bored with something and lose motivation. But you have to be honest with yourself and say “Am I wasting time and do I still have motivation to do it or not?”.