Taking Actions On Ideas

Taking Actions on our ideas at first is a very scary thing to do. Because we can either be scared of the success that will come from achieving our goals. As well as not knowing how to deal with the success that comes from the hard work we have put in. You may think what are you talking about being afraid of success and what comes from it.

I am only speaking from what I used to deal with mentally awhile ago. So I’d say if you know deep down in your heart that you want to be successful prepare yourself for it. There are going to be a lot of things that can seem to come all at once. Which will lead you to be overwhelmed.

I am very thankful for my parents and family for raising me the way that they did. Even though at times I was a very rebellious type and wanted to do the things I wanted. But you know they never ever forced me to not think big. Nor did they ever tell me to not go after what it is that I wanted.

So this leads me to the mindset that many graphic designers/creative individuals fall into, which is creating just to create. As well as not sharing my work with everyone. There are certain projects that seriously should not be shared. As well as not feeling accomplished enough to put out products for people to have and enjoy.

When I started selling products on my Etsy shop and seeing them in the wild I was even more fulfilled. Because instead of them sitting in my bedroom office collecting dust they are being enjoyed. Learning to think bigger has been fun.

As well seeing the value in my work, whether it be graphic design, Calligraphy and Products I create. But I do not want you to think I was not afraid to start selling my own products. The main thing I had to do was make a decision. Making the decision of I am not going to create products just for me.

Then having the mentality that I am going to make sure that I will create items that I would hang up in my home and use. This mentality is what helps me continuously create work that I am proud of.

If you are just starting out creating products and being a designer be honest with yourself. First by knowing whether you work is something you are proud of. Also whether it is something that you would like to have your name attached to. The reason I mention that is because you want to have the types of clients/Customers who appreciate the quality of work that you do.

Think of the possibilities that your work can turn into.