Chase Dreams not People

In our life we tend to end up chasing people instead of our dreams. I for one fell into the trap of chasing people more than my actual dreams. But once I stopped chasing people and refocused my vision on chasing my dreams I became more focused on my goals.

The people that we want and need in our life will come and stay. Once I learned this I stopped chasing those people who wanted to leave and not be involved with me anymore. A great example is the feeling you get when someone deletes you off of snapchat and or unfollows you on instagram,twitter for example.

Because wanting that human connection with someone else can be a need that we need to constantly feel. But if you are needing and or wanting the wrong thing it can end up being the wrong thing  for you. Just think if you focused on your goals as a creative and or person in general how much more beneficial will that be for you?