Just get started and stop waiting

hand lettered quote

All you have to do is just get started. The habit of starting will give you the small amount of motivation that can lead to a lot. By that I mean the most difficult thing that we experience is just the habit of starting. Many of us have great things we want to accomplish. While we think of how great they can be we fall into the habit of wishful thinking.

As a graphic designer/calligrapher I constantly have new ideas and things that I want to create. Being able to create something new is not hard for me. The main thing is to not get burnt out trying to do too much. Then the situation of not letting my  creativity control me and me not having control of it.

When you do the simplest things such as if you want to get the ball rolling with posting daily to social media whether its instagram, twitter and etc find out a way to make it simple as possible to do that. When I learned how to do such a thing with instagram posting daily became way easier.

Recently I learned the concept of working backwards from the end goal. I mean that was not the first time I heard of that concept. The main thing is I never knew that is what I was doing. Whenever you realize what the end goal is and work backwards it becomes easy.

A great example lets see if you want to post daily to instagram is to first look at the end goal which is to post daily. The way to post daily is to have images in your camera roll ready to post. Then you want to already have the hashtags created. You can have them pre-written in your notepad.  So whenever you post to instagram all you have to do is select your picture and then write an interesting caption and then copy your hashtags from your notepad.

The thing that you have wanted to just requires you to get started. Stop waiting and get started.