Dealing with Depression as a creative Person

Depression is something that a lot of us experience. I am not going to pretend as if I do not experience the symptoms of what depression is. You have to be more in control of your feelings and how to not let them determine what your results will be. Especially when you are doing things and not seeing many results if any.

Which can lead to feeling as if “why are good things not happening to me?” Then you begin to question other things in your life. Which then would lead to even more feelings of depression. You have to not let your feelings determine how you will end up. Develop more control over your mind and emotions.

You have to remember that there is no need for you to be so hard and down on yourself. Our brain can either be our destroyer or our best companion. One thing I learned from Listening to David Foster wallace was that when people commit suicide more or less they shoot themselves in the head.

So just take time to think how much your life would change if you stopped feeling sorry for yourself and fought through the depression and go to work. Whenever I experience feelings of depression coming into my mind I get to work. If i’m just sitting around wasting time I make sure I am learning something or doing whatever I can to improve my skills and move closer to my ultimate goals.

Remember  when you feel as no one supports you or they do not understand they are not meant to understand. You don’t need to quit or give up. Prove to yourself that you are  capable as a designer, artist or business person to do whatever you set out to do. But be honest with yourself and realize that its going to take hard work and its not going to be easy.