Why I stopped listening to podcasts so often

The reason why I stopped listening to podcasts is because to me it felt like I was being motivated but taking no action. There was something that I noticed about myself I liked listening to them and learning but nothing was coming from it. I was being a learner but no practice and or action was being taken.

So one day I started to realize that I needed to rethink my strategy with many things. Another thing was I needed to be consistent. The thing is that there is nothing wrong with listening to podcasts but you have to stop and think for yourself. There are many podcasts that are putting many things into your head and telling you what to do and how to think.

I am not saying that there is anything wrong with that if you enjoy it. But for me there came a time when I just had to depart from listening to certain podcasts on the regular. Because it just seemed repetitive and there was no longer much value in it for me. Another thing is that I wanted to take what I learned from listening to the podcasts and put it into action.

Putting what I learned into action is such a rewarding feeling. The same as the people who you get advice from that have built businesses compared to those who have not built them. So you have to take time and decide what makes the best use of your time.