What does your work ethic you look like?

Work ethic is something that many believe they have. Well I was so shocked when I learned even more how hard people I admire work. I mean I knew that they worked hard but when I read about Tupac’s work ethic it took my breath away.

The reason is because he did so much in such a short time. When a lot of us just sit and waste the day away. Another thing we do is say oh I’ll do it tomorrow and its not a big deal. The bad thing about doing such things is that it can become a habit.

I know I have talked about work ethic before but it just bothers me when I see others wasting time away. Also when myself I fall victim to getting comfortable and just drifting by without a care in the world. Especially when things tend to get a little difficult or I feel I am not making the progress I can. But I know if it was easy everyone would do it. Then I stop and reflect on how far I have came

The same thing you should do is to stop and reflect on your current situation compared to last year. I know the saying you shouldn’t focus on the past. Well the past is something that you can learn from. So I for one do this constantly and appreciate where I am now.

Remember your work Ethic from a year ago. If you are still using the same work ethic that you had previously it is time for you to step it up and stop being lazy. Stop being comfortable with where you are. Being comfortable with where you are is not a bad thing if you do not want to achieve and or have more. But you know that is ok not everyone wants to have more out of life and they are happy with where they are. Just make sure you are being honest with yourself and life.