Follow your dreams and cover your footsteps

Following your dreams and cover footsteps meaning follow your dreams but you do not  need to brag about anything. If you are the type that likes to tel everything you should stop doing that. You have to take time to focus.

By focusing on the grind and getting to where you want to be everything will work out. The reason why I say this is you do not want people to lose respect for you bragging and whatever else you do. Just think if I wrote blog posts which would come across as me crying about how hard things are or what I am doing to work as a designer full time you may lose respect for me.

One main thing that I learned last year and will continue to stick with me is to make more moves and make less announcements. If you do this people will think you’re an overnight success when you’ve just been working silently without bragging.

Have a great monday and I also am going to be launching a Skillshare class teaching gothic calligraphy.