No more excuses

This time of year many of us want to take the time to set new years resolutions. Well me personally I learned that taking the time to set them does no benefit whatsoever.

For me setting goals is whats more important. This past couple of months I had honestly fell off of the wagon with setting goals. Because I had fell into the same system of doing the same thing over and over.

An example is how I would study mandarin often. Then I just got frustrated and stopped giving it my all. Because when I was learning it I felt great. The reason is I knew that I was doing what I should to help me progress further in life.

If there is something that you want to do then there should be no more excuses for you. While I am writing this I am on a plane back home from my vacation. The issues that I had went through with waiting for my flight to get to the airport I was flying out of was frustrating at one point.

But what I learned from Jim Rohn was to not be upset in any situation that is not working the way it was planned to. Instead be fascinated. So you should be fascinated with yourself by not doing things that you know you should be doing.

Just think how much your life would change if you did not make any more excuses. If you like me actually took the time to post new material to your etsy shop as often as you post on your instagram feed and various other things.

Do more of what you know you should be doing and stop making excuses. Because another year has passed how long are you going to be doing the same thing over each day. As well as working at the shitty job you are at. You should be smart about it and start working on your own projects.