Someone can always do it cheaper

If you are someone who has the mentality of I can find someone to do it cheaper you need to take a look at yourself. By that I mean why would you think finding the cheapest option is the best. Would you want to find the cheapest tattooer and get a shitty tattoo? I think not..

Because always the cheapest option is not the best option. You want to take the time to invest in what you believe in. By that I mean you want to not skimp on what matters. If you were to lets say have your friends son who has no skill in design creating a logo for you just because it is free.

Just take the time to think of how much your branding is apart of who you are. Especially in business its not something to be taken lightly. Time and time again I see dozens of businesses that took the cheap option. The cheap option is not a bad thing. Because if there is something you want done but cannot afford it at the moment take the best option.

Another thing is that if you cannot afford it is to save money so you can afford it. This is a simple solution to many things in the design industry and many others. But with all that said make sure you are not cutting corners just to skimp and save money on important things. You would want someone who knows what they are doing to do the best job possible.