Being afraid of your work not being good enough

Well recently  I was graciously bestowed with the opportunity to join dribbble. As we all may or may not know that Dribbble is a pretty big deal. The reason is because of the work on there how its so good and whatever else you want to say about it. I had thought to myself I don’t know if I am able to hang with those people in regards to designing.

But I said to myself you know what you are able to hang with them. Because of the amount of work that I have been putting in and also perfecting my craft of graphic design and calligraphy. A good example is the people you hang around you end up becoming like. So if you are forcing yourself to jump into the scene of amazing design work you will Do your best to match that quality that is set.

This is not something that only applies to graphic design. You can experience the same thing in any field. Because the level of quality and standard that is set. Always you have to keep the thought of that everything I do will reflect me as a person. Just think for a second how you would look at a landscaper who does a half ass job. You would more or less think they and anyone else who works with them is a poor worker as well.

So do your best to avoid falling into the trap of not thinking you are good enough. Because the only way for you to become better is to hang around people who are better than you. Spending time with those who are better than you may be scary at first. But you want to take the time to learn how they are and do as they do.

In regards to dribbble I am going to start posting work there soon. I will have to learn more about it first before I move forward with using it on a more consistent basis.