This Job is way too easy



I know that I am not the only designer that has experienced a similar way of thinking. Because from doing something so much you immediately know how to solve a problem based on a process. well you do not want to keep the mentality that this job is easy. The reason is eventually you will realize that it is not easy.

The things that are easy to you may seem difficult to some other person who has more experience than you. With wanting to have something that is easy or that you do not find difficult it takes serious discipline. The skateboarders that you see who can do tricks easy with no problems you did not spend the days of them falling over and over to learn a trick. The same thing applies to having your mind tuned to be able to think faster and more creatively.

You have to develop first confidence and belief in yourself. We think if I do good work everything else will fall into place. When honestly that will not happen. No one will care that you do good work. You also may even have people who do not think that you did the work. Because you may have met other designers who try and brag about so many things.

The situation is as if you do not know who to believe anymore. Which is a sad thing especially for designers. Because when you meet someone who is a designer you’d think they’d have the same mentality with certain aspects as you do. But its a very simple process to spot a liar to someone who is actually genuine with what they talk about. I am not sure if you feel the same way about liars its something that absolutely disgusts me.

The way that my parents raised me was to be honest. Being honest is something I tend to always lean towards doing more than most. Because it frees you from many things that in other words would carry way to much weight on you. Each day I learn that I am a work in progress to become a more efficient and confident designer. Reading books, newsletters, listening to podcasts have me moving more steadily in the right direction.

Listening to podcasts and getting into the right frame of mind will help you on your journey to make being a designer a bit easier for you. There’s no need to be a scaredy cat when it comes to talking with people. Get up off of your ass or wherever you are right now and talk with something.