Creativity takes courage


Being a creative person takes courage. You may think “oh its not hard to be creative what’s so scary about it?”. Well day after day I have to continue pushing myself to not be afraid. Because you can put out a piece of work and have no idea of what your audience is going to think. You also may have gotten caught up in the followers and likes game.

Followers and likes do not show you being creative and whatever else you may think. One thing to think about daily is that what you are doing there is someone that is going to be doing exactly what you are doing but they will be better.  Just think of the days when you continued to dream about what you wanted to do versus taking action.

You cannot be scared of other peoples opinion in regards to your creativity. People are going to have an opinion so what its not that big of a deal. A great example is people who are not confident fully in themselves and think of everything negative that could happen. I will  be honest with you all I still have days when I do not feel like doing a calligraphy piece or working on a logo.

But you know what I made a personal commitment to myself that I am not going to quit or just give up. More and more seeking information is what I have focused on doing. The podcasts and books I have been reading helped me a lot. You know investing in yourself helps you to become a more confident person and to strengthen your belief of your work. I want you to personally know your work may be shit right now but your willingness to not give up is what will separate you from those who want the easy way out.

Get up and believe in yourself you are not a loser and your work is not crap it will get to the level you want it to be. The only way for it to improve is to fully dedicate yourself to improving. Those who lack courage tend to just live a life of what if’s. For example you may say what if I did this to this piece or what if I told people I planned on selling my artwork or what if I tried this.

Stop questioning every little thing and just go and do it. Being a creative individual requires trust, courage and belief in yourself and you can do it. If things are not happening as fast as you’d like them to be keep working and improving your belief and courage. Because being a creative person we can be pretty hard on ourselves for no reason.