Chase the Vision Not the Money



This is something that I see taking effect in my current life. Because I have been interviewing for a graphic design position and I actually will be working freelance for an agency. When you first start out your career or Journey in life you have many people who are just short sighted. They right away want to tell you make sure your career pays good.

Well that is not the correct way to go about doing something. This may seem a mystical and unreliable way to live your life. Well if you notice many of the successful people who make a lot of money they do what they are doing because they love it. You can start working at mcdonalds and then you will want to even own your own Mcdonalds some day. You could be working at a fashion store and want to start your own fashion line.

The point is if you have a vision follow that and not the money. Because if you are chasing the money eventually it will do as a wild animal would and that is run away from you. You have to develop your belief to be stronger than those around you. The reason is you will have people telling you that they do not believe in your dreams. Then after you go out and make it happen they will want it from you. Then ask you how you did it.