Why Pemanship matters and you should improve your handwriting

Penmanship matters more than ever now. Whether or not you think what does it matter everything is digital now. How would you look being an adult and having the handwriting of a child. Then if you have a situation where you do not have an electronic device to write you will be shit out of luck.

Which means you will struggle writing and holding a pen correctly. Also someones handwriting can say things about them without speaking. Honestly if I wrote my name and it looked as if I wrote it with my knuckles you’d wonder about me. Then you would question my intelligence and other things about me.

I remember when teachers gave lessons on practicing handwriting. The lessons for homework were in cursive. Writing in cursive is such a relaxing and enjoyable thing. Writing in cursive allows you write faster and develop better control with writing instruments.

Having beautiful penmanship will show in your signature and apply in other areas of your life. One thing that is disappointing is when you see someone who is not capable of signing their name and instead they only know how to print their name. Penmanship matters because it shows someone that you care. Also it shows you have took the time to improve the little things in your life.