Why you should stop using excuses in your life


When you being to start using excuses in your life you are not going to be heading in the right direction. Because excuses are just words to shield facts. The facts behind why you did not accomplish or do certain things. At times they are comforting and a relief.

Also taking responsibility for your actions in every aspect of your life. The people you surround yourself will determine a big majority in how your life turns out. If you are around people who make excuses you will start doing the same. The way to get out of that way of life is to stop spending time with those people.

Learn to break the cycle and get out of your comfort zone. This is very hard for some and very difficult for others. When you are presenting a project to a client or class don’t try to argue about everything. Because the work is finished and the excuses do not matter. Whenever you get into an accident or get angry someone the excuses for losing control emotionally does not matter.

What matters is not using excuses and taking responsibility. Once you have mastered this you will start to see changes in your life and career. Excuses will start to seem very childish the more honest you are with yourself.