Avoiding being scammed as a designer

So not long ago I was contacted for a project. The person whom pretended to be a serious client was indeed not. So after conversing with the person I was convinced.  Then I worked up a quote for them. After they told me the brief about the work they needed. Well I’m sure about needing more so pretending.

So I for one going by the rule of %50 payment up front. The person did not use paypal they strictly wanted to only do check. Then the person sent more than what I quoted. Another thing was after they told me to deposit the remaining half into some account.

Which I told them I am not going to do that. Before you think so you did work for free. No I did not do anything and the client did not sign the contract. If you ever have a client and they are hesitant to sign a contract then you may want to be a little suspicious.

A contract is a way to weed out those whom are serious and or not. Now let’s get back to the check. So to sum it up the person wanted to know when I was going to deposit the check. If I deposited the check and took out the money I would’ve gotten charged for it. Therefore they are getting money for free and work.

From now on I’m only accepting paypal and no checks ever. Well checks only in person. Just remember to be careful and to never ever do any work without getting paid at least %50 upfront.