How to develop a Tyler Durden mentality

I am sure many of you may have seen this quote or even seen the movie fight club. The movie is amazing if you have not watched it yet. The gems that are throughout the movie. But I want to speak today on two things. One is developing the mentality that Tyler Durden has and also to not be owned by the things you own.

The mentality that Tyler has from the perspective I perceived is to just let go. By letting go you do not let the thought of if something good or bad happened. Therefore you are prepared for either or. As humans and whatever profession we are in we try to control as much as we can. Being a designer you try to control as many things as possible, from the client work, how much we charge and etc.

The type of tools that we own can end up owning us. Many get fooled thinking that the tools make that big of a difference. Learning how to use the tools is what matters. If you are one whom starts out a new hobby or profession and immediately buys the best tools possibly why would you do that? Because eventually you’ll feel as if you’ve wasted money. The feeling of having wasted money on a hobby profession is not a nice thing to experience. So remember start with the basics and then move on to better tools. Therefore you will be even more skilled with better materials.